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Tony Backhouse - Managing Director and Business Transformation Specialist

Tony Backhouse

Managing Director and Business Transformation Specialist

Tony’s vision and drive has literally ‘transformed’ the business from a team of one (himself) in 2016 to become a powerhouse of business growth and transformation specialists who are committed to supporting clients to achieve their true potential. He has over 30 years’ experience in developing and implementing strategic plans, managing change and building innovation programmes for large public sectors organisations through to smaller, owner-managed businesses.


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Tina Holt - HR Consulting Director

Tina Holt

HR Consulting Director

Tina is an accomplished Global HR Director with over 20 years of experience, Renowned for her strategic and operational expertise, Tina's role at RfM Transform involves empowering businesses with innovative HR solutions and driving effective people management strategies to ensure organisational success.


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Zach Barrow - Consultant

Zach Barrow


Zach is a Business Consultant with a passion for working at the cutting edge of technology. This is especially true in his role as our lead R&D consultant. He has experience in lab work in the biosciences and his empirical and scientific approach to work means no stone will be left unturned with your R&D claims


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Ryan Jackson-Digital Support Consultant

Ryan Jackson

Digital Support Consultant

Meet Ryan, our visionary software developer who has played a pivotal role in our team's evolution. Since joining in 2021, he has spearheaded our software projects, both within our own business and with customers. Dedicated to leveraging technology to propel our clients towards their true potential, Ryan is an indispensable force in our pursuit of excellence.


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Thea Hutchings - Senior Consultant

Thea Hutchings

Senior Consultant

Thea specialises in carbon auditing services at RFM Transform, assisting SMEs to navigate PPN 06/21 compliance and environmental sustainability. She helps our clients to measure, report, and reduce emissions effectively, crafting tailored sustainability statements and actionable reduction plans. Thea's strategic guidance ensures businesses not only meet their environmental obligations but also contribute positively to a greener future.


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