Introducing our newest business 'transformer', Mark Thwaite

It's some weeks since we welcomed Mark Thwaite to the RfM Transform family as our Lead Digital Consultant. So now is an ideal time to tell you a little more about our newest 'transformer'.

From 'dot co dot uk' to 'electech' and digital transformation

Mark’s career in digital started with a bang – he was part of the original start-up team! So, he’s been part of the internet revolution pretty much since it began. In the early days, Mark tells us, "One of the biggest challenges was simply getting people to say 'dot co dot uk'. Back in the 90s, it was such a strange set of words. Since then, of course, Amazon has become one of the world’s biggest businesses – and now everyone is used to saying it!"

Matching 'tech' with 'culture'

Following his time at Amazon, Mark went on to work for several well-known brands including Foyles of Charing Cross Road and the Village Hotel Group. Mark's approach is to work closely with clients to find exactly the right digital solution for their particular problem. “The key is to match ‘tech’ to ‘culture’ to ensure that a workable solution is delivered on budget and on time," he explains.

Mark recently returned to live in Lancashire (he's originally from Liverpool) and took up the challenge of leading Digital Lancashire, the 'voice of digital business in the county'. Whilst in the role, he has learned all about the issues that face regional SMEs and continues to work very closely with several businesses across the burgeoning 'electech' sector.

Can Mark help transform your business?

Mark can show you how to get the most from your technology and systems, and identify ways you can harness the power of digital to:

Get more customers – and the right type of customers

Grow your business – by automating processes and becoming more efficient

Run your business – including managing your sales, finances and people

Integrate systems – ensuring all your technology connects and works well together

Avoid inefficiencies – by identifying and fixing weak links in your technology and/or getting the best out of your IT Managed Service Provider.

Get in touch by email to arrange a no-obligation chat with Mark today.

Mark's approach is to work closely with clients to find exactly the right digital solution for their particular problem.

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