Nurturing talent, transforming our people - Introducing Sam Stocker

As our business and service offer grows, we’re committed to nurturing the talents of our people so that they grow with us. Sam Stocker, our Business Transformation Consultant, is a wonderful example of this. 

From graduate to Transformer

Sam joined RfM Transform after graduating from MMU with a degree in Economics. It was clear to see that Sam had bags of raw talent and the potential to grow and become a valuable member of the RfM Transform team. With guidance from our Lead HR Consultant, Diane Johnson, we developed a plan to ensure Sam’s talents were focused in the areas that would bring out the best in him – and in turn bring the most benefit to our clients.

“Caring for your staff, creating great working conditions and facilitating their training and growth, is the royal road to keeping great people and growing a business,” Diane tells us.

“Sam had clear goals that aligned with our business goals, and we worked with him to achieve those goals, building his confidence and skills whilst, at the same time, he grew our offer.”

Training is an investment, not a cost

All RfM Transform services are designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses who may not have access to in-house specific expertise, like Digital, HR and Business Transformation.

“Smaller businesses can't afford to have staff that don't contribute, and growing great talent requires good structures,” says Mark Thwaite, Lead Digital Consultant. 

“As a first step, businesses need to ask: what processes and procedures will best enable staff – and the business itself – to thrive?

“Sam is currently studying for his Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager qualification, with the long-term goal of becoming a Chartered Manager. We are pleased to cover the cost of this additional training, as it brings benefits all round: we gain a highly skilled employee and can offer even better service to our clients; Sam gains valuable skills that will enhance his future career – hopefully with RfM!”

Staff training is not a one-way street. Great staff will help you transform your relationships with your clients too.

Can Sam help transform your business?

If you are experiencing any issues with digital, GDPR, business process or growth, Sam is here to help.

Sam can arrange:

  • a FREE hour-long digital audit
  • a FREE GDPR overview
  • Growth workshops
  • R&D tax credit advice
  • help to ensure your business is HR regulation compliant

Email to arrange a no-obligation consultation with Sam today,

Working with Lead HR Consultant, Diane, we developed a plan to ensure Sam's talents were focused in the areas that will bring out the best in him.

Working with Lead HR Consultant, Diane, we developed a plan to ensure Sam's talents were focused in the areas that will bring out the best in him.

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