Out with the old, In with the new: Enhancing productivity with a Digital Healthcheck

January is a month of resolutions and good intentions which makes it the ideal time for businesses to embrace the 'New Year, New You' ethos and conduct a digital declutter.

January is a month of resolutions and good intentions which makes it the ideal time for your business to embrace the 'New Year, New You' ethos and conduct a digital declutter.

A study by McKinsey a few years ago reported that the average knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours per day searching for the information they need to perform their job. That’s one whole day per week wasted!

RfM Transform’s Digital Healthcheck offers a bespoke digital ‘declutter’ to enable you to go paperless, elevate productivity and streamline your digital workflows.

Understanding the Impact of Digital Clutter

The dawn of the digital workplace brought with it a promise of efficiency and access to a wealth of information. Yet, this has become a double-edged sword. Digital clutter—unorganised files, redundant emails, outdated systems or systems which are so complicated, that no one uses them—can all lead to significant losses in productivity. SMEs, in particular, face the unique challenge of balancing budget and resource constraints with the need to stay digitally agile.

Technological Interventions: More Than Just Tools

It’s not only about equipping your business with digital tools or buying into the latest platforms, instead it’s about how these tools are integrated into your existing daily operations. We won’t just suggest software upgrades; we re-engineer your digital infrastructure to align with your business objectives.

A Human-Centric Approach

Central to our Business+Booster Digital Healthcheck is the recognition that technology should work for people, not against them. Our human-centric approach evaluates how your team usually interacts with digital tools and tailors solutions that will streamline tasks, enhance digital well-being, and ultimately, boost productivity.

Practical Steps Tailored for Your Business

We provide tangible steps towards digital optimisation:

Elevating Productivity and Protecting the Bottom Line

The goal is clear: transform digital clutter into a cohesive, streamlined digital strategy that powers your business forward. A report by Deloitte found that businesses with advanced digital workflows see a 73% increase in overall business productivity! By partnering with RfM Transform, you’re not just tidying up your digital space or “going paperless”—you’re setting your business up for a future where technology is your most reliable ally.

Small businesses can Transform the world!

For more information on RfM Transform’s Digital Healthcheck service, get in touch. Let us help reshape your business into a pillar of efficiency and productivity.

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