Stop. Start. Continue.

We're all busy. And being busy can mean that we're not always as focused as we'd like to be. It's very easy, especially as a business leader, to get caught up in the everyday realities of running the business, focusing on the needs of clients, customers and staff. But are you actually doing the right thing? Or are you missing the bigger picture? Is the business suffering precisely because you're so busy running around doing everything? You may need to ask yourself: what should I stop doing, what should I start doing and what should I just keep cracking on with!?

What is it?

Stop. Start. Continue. is a really simple tool.

What do I need to do?

Block out half an hour in your diary. 

Remember, doing this with a trusted colleague, coach or HR professional can help!

Grab a coffee / tea / glass water.

Get a pen and piece of paper, or open a blank document. Like spreadsheets? Use a spreadsheet!

Create three columns: stop; start; continue.

Take a drink.

Sit back.


Think about your work day.

A pen & piece of paper and half an hour later you might get some real insights into why you are struggling to find the time to do what you know in your heart you really should be doing to succeed.

But let's not pretend it's that easy. Talking to yourself sometimes works, but talking to a qualified coach about issues like this is something that thousands of professionals are now doing every day. 

Our Lead HR consultant Diane Johnson is a qualified, professional coach. If you want to explore the benefits that can come from coaching, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Diane today.

Boost your people power with expert HR advice

Compliance, training, reviews, policies, contracts... Even if you only have a small number of staff, managing your HR responsibilities can feel like a full-time job.

However, whilst most small companies don’t need an in-house, permanent HR function, they will certainly benefit from having access to our HR Director-led services when they need it.

Get in touch with Diane Johnson, our Lead HR Consultant. Diane also provides professional coaching to business owners and leaders. If you want to explore the benefits that can come from coaching, get in touch with Diane today.

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