Tony Backhouse - Bringing big business thinking to smaller businesses

As we are currently rolling out our own plans for growth, this is the perfect time to tell you more about our original business ‘transformer’, Lead Growth Consultant Tony Backhouse.

From banking in Barrow to business growth

Tony began his business career at the NatWest bank in Barrow-In-Furness. From there he moved to the bank’s head office in London to lead various business transformation projects – effectively improving how the bank worked and served its customers.

Having gained valuable business knowledge, strategic planning and project management skills, Tony went on to head up major transformation projects for large public sector organisations and private companies. This included the largest IT outsourcing project at that time to transform technology and systems across seven London hospitals.

A focus on smaller businesses

In 2016, Tony set up RfM Business Consulting – now RfM Transform – with a mission to bring high-level strategic business thinking to smaller businesses looking to grow and thrive. Since launching the business, Tony has been using the same Growth Planning as he uses with clients to grow RfM Transform services.

“I’ve always had a keen focus on the needs of smaller businesses.” Says Tony.” “I like to work directly with business owners to create a bespoke suite of solutions that can quickly transform their business and immediately impact the bottom line.”

In 2017, the business introduced specialist Innovation consultancy services, followed by Transform HR in 2019 and, most recently, Transform Digital Technology.

The RfM Transform team now includes a further five business specialists who look after a rapidly growing client base. “Over what has been a challenging year, we are pleased to have been able to support so many businesses to survive, to save money or, in many cases, to thrive and grow,” says Tony.

Can Tony help transform your business?

If you have ambitions to grow your business but are unsure of the best way realise your plans, Tony can help. Working with you (and your leadership team, as appropriate) Tony will:

  • Help you form a clear path to growth
  • Help you identify the vital few actions you need to take (and the things you should stop doing!)
  • Act as a sounding board to keep you on track
  • Access finance and funding to support your growth

Email to arrange a no-obligation chat with Tony today.

"Over what has been a challenging year, we are pleased to have been able to support so many businesses to survive, to save money or, in many cases, to thrive and grow."

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