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Apart from the obvious, this year has been dominated by one thing: digital technology. Businesses that already had strong digital infrastructure have found it easier to survive – if not thrive – post-lockdown. We want to help as many businesses as possible secure their place in this digital future and are proud to launch a new service: Transform Digital Technology.

“Our own business has expanded rapidly over the past few years and digital innovation has been at the heart of our strategy for growth,” explains Tony Backhouse, Managing Director of RfM Transform.

“To compete in the digital future, businesses should be looking at the most effective ways to use technology to improve and grow. With the right digital tools, it’s no exaggeration to say that it will ‘transform’ the business.

“Digital technology can help you reach more people, cut costs, manage stock, automate processes, deliver a better service… the list goes on. The RfM Transform Digital Technology team are passionate about sharing their considerable expertise with business owners who may be less

“We know that many busy smaller businesses are keen to develop their Digital Technologies to improve business performance,” adds Tony. For those just starting out on this journey, navigating all the options can be extremely daunting. The greatest risk comes from choosing the wrong technologies which will ultimately cost you more and lock you into slower growth.”


If technology is not your area of expertise, who can you trust to give you expert, objective advice?

RfM’s digital transformation experts are only interested in one thing: helping your business to grow and prosper through the best use of digital technology. They will do this by giving you the answers to the questions you should be asking:

In which areas will technology make the biggest difference to my business?

Which technology products or services will be most suitable?

Where should I be focusing my technology budget?

Are you making the most of digital technology?

We can help you to identify ways your business can use digital technology to:

Get more customers – and the right type of customers

Grow your business – by automating processes and becoming more efficient

Run your business – including managing your sales, finances and people

Integrate your systems – ensuring all your technology connects and works well together

Avoid inefficiencies – by identifying and fixing weak links in your technology.

How we help businesses to transform

We can tailor our service to meet the needs (and budgets) of smaller businesses from 1 up to 100 people. We will work with you to:

Define the digital technology ‘baseline’

As always with our business consulting services, our first task will be to get to know your business and to understand your short and longer-term business aims. This helps to build a picture of how digitally-enabled your business is at present and the opportunities for improvement.

Identify the easy wins

Your short-term digital technology transformation plan will outline ‘easy wins’. We want you to achieve measurable improvements quickly, easily and cost-effectively. You maybe under-utilising the technology you have in-house – we’ll help you make the most of what you’re already paying for.

Develop and implement the longer-term plan

Taking into account the longer-term ambitions for the business, we will provide a plan for how you can use technology to achieve these goals. These will be appropriate, achievable and affordable for the business.


For a limited time, we are offering clients a FREE workshop with our Digital Transformation specialists.

This 1-hour taster session will outline some of the key ways that digital technology can be used to grow and manage your business. You have the option to choose a Zoom/Teams or face-to-face workshop.

For more information or to sign up, please


Our digital transformation experts

Our ‘power-house’ digital team brings together specialists from all the key areas of digital transformation and IT.

Lead Digital Consultant Mark Thwaite was part of the launch team and is now a well-known leader in digital transformation across Lancashire and the North West.

Phil Tottie, our Lead Technology Consultant has in-depth technology knowledge and experience of mission-critical systems gained over 35 years in the banking sector.

Managing Director Tony Backhouse completes the team with his 30 years of experience delivering digital transforming projects and working with Busy Smaller Businesses.

Together, they will focus on developing and delivering effective solutions that transform the way smaller businesses work and maximise ROI.

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