Case Study: RfM Transform and Rabbit Hill Business Park

Rabbit Hill Business Park, nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, is a forward-thinking business community dedicated to sustainability. The owner Richard Kay and his team are pioneers in adopting green practices and the entire site has recently become carbon-negative.

Small Businesses Can Transform the World!

Meet our clients at Rabbit Hill. A busy and industrial business park located in Yorkshire, In 2022, its owner Richard Kay, concerned with the carbon footprint of the park, embarked on a mission to measure and reduce its carbon footprint and thereby set a new standard in environmental responsibility. To help achieve this ambitious goal, Rabbit Hill collaborated with the RfM team. This partnership focused on meticulously understanding, assessing and measuring the business park’s carbon footprint, and highlighting the subsequent recommendations for improvement.

The Challenge
Rabbit Hill Business Park, situated in the beautiful countryside between Harrogate and York, aimed to reinforce its commitment to sustainability by becoming carbon-negative. No small feat for a busy rural business park! The owners sought expert guidance to accurately measure their carbon footprint and explore effective strategies to further reduce the park’s environmental impact over the next 12 months.

The Solution
With a practical understanding of the latest environmental regulations and adhering to the Greenhouse Gas Protocols, we set about creating a comprehensive carbon audit for Rabbit Hill Business Park. We performed an in-depth analysis of the park's energy use, waste management, and carbon offset initiatives, such as their successful solar panel installations and extensive tree planting efforts. This collaborative effort pinpointed key areas for improvement and solidified Rabbit Hill’s status as a carbon-negative business park (link to their website)

The RfM Transform Business+Booster Advantage
Our work with Rabbit Hill Business Park shows how RfM Transform supports businesses in navigating the complexities of environmental sustainability. By providing clear insights and actionable recommendations, we empower our clients to not only meet but exceed their green objectives. This is particularly important for those navigating public sector contracts (and PPN/0621) and those wanting to reduce their emissions in line with the government’s NetZero2050 plan. 

RfM’s carbon audit has given us a clear path to further enhance our sustainability practices. The collaboration with Tony and his team has been invaluable, helping us to identify practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint and confirm we are on the right track - Richard Kay, Owner, Rabbit Hill Business Park

Rabbit Hill Business Park continues to be a prime example of how businesses can thrive while actively contributing to the planet's well-being, setting a standard for the rest of us to follow.

Working with Rabbit Hill Park has been incredibly rewarding. It's great to support businesses that are genuinely committed to making a positive environmental impact. Helping a large business park measure and maintain carbon-negative status is a testament to what can be achieved by businesses everywhere.” - Tony Backhouse, MD, RfM Transform

Ready to embark on your own sustainability journey? Contact RfM Transform today to see how we can help your business achieve its environmental goals.

Small businesses can Transform the world!

Discover the comprehensive benefits of our Enhanced RfM Transform Audit, tailored to empower your business. Contact us to see how this integrated audit will boost your business’s operational efficiency and align with your sustainability goals. Get in touch

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