Our Exit Programme

Proven methodologies to benchmark the business
Understand what you want
Plan a timeline for successful Exit
Personal advisor will be with you through the whole process

Are you looking to sell your business?
Understand what you want out of the sale and plan a successful and profitable Exit with the Transform Exit team.

Exit Planning

Are you thinking about selling your business? It can be a complicated and worrying procedure, but RfM Transform Exit is here to help.

With RfM Transform Exit you can plan a successful and profitable exit from your business.

  • We work closely with the business owner and the Senior Team to plan for Exit.
  • We use proven methodologies to benchmark the business and create a plan to get the business in the best state for sale.
  • We help business owners understand exactly what they want from the Exit. This allows us, together, to plan a timeline for a successful Exit. 
  • Together, we work out what needs to be done today to achieve the results and exit one year, three years or five years down the line.

For more information about selling or exiting from your business or to arrange a consultation, please contact us online or call Tony Backhouse on 07969 900864.

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